Deutsch Award


The Deutsch Spirit of the League Award, named for Lou and Flo Deutsch. Lou was the Commissioner of the league for 25 years before retiring in 2005. Though Flo, AKA “Mrs. Lou,” did not hold an elected office, she did much of the administrative work for the league for those two and a half decades. Flo passed in November 2007. Though the Deutsches were not actively involved in daily league business for the last few seasons, we still enjoyed seeing them at playoffs and Flo is dearly missed by those who knew her. The Deutsch Spirit of the League Award will be given to a player from the current MAWHL season who promotes the league, plays within the league’s code of ethics, and displays excellent sportsmanship. The Board of Governors receives nominations for this award. Up to one player from each division will be selected in any year. The Board of Governors will review the nominations and will vote on the candidate from each division who best exemplifies what we want our league to be.  

FROM THE MAWHL BYLAWS ‘The Deutsch Spirit of the League’ For a player that does not get many penalties, who promotes the league, who plays within the code of ethics of the league, etc. One per division per year when nominations have been made. Written nominations are required and should be submitted to the Board of Governor’s by February 1. Letters should include the reasons why the player should receive the award.